Why Do People Wear Long Sleeves In Summer

Yes, long sleeves can cause you to sweat on hot days, however, in florida, when the sun is at its zenith, it’s better to swim in your sweat than to expose your delicate skin to the. My 27 year old son diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic will wear long sleeved shirts or sweatshirts, long pants in the summer and then in the winter he wears shorts and tees! 1. ) one of the primary advantages of wearing long sleeves in the summers is that it provides protection against sunburns. Being a cowboy, you end up spending a lot of time outside in the. Long sleeves are meant to be worn during cold months, not in hot weather. They are comfortable to wear and they. This post on wearing long sleeves in the summer was originally published in 2016 and was updated in august 2021. My boyfriend would tell me i’m nuts for wearing long sleeves. Wearing long sleeves in summer. If he has a weight issue.