What To Wear When Visiting Italy In The Summer

Yes, some italians rock a $2,000 tailored wool suit, but even cheap clothes look great when they fit well. Fitted shirts, snug pants, and streamlined blouses are hallmarks of italian fashion. The italian peninsula attracts several types of travelers: A maxi dress or maxi skirt. Maxi dresses and maxi skirts are amongn my favourite must have items for italy in summer. They are easily fashionable, they are church appropriate. A very easy style guide for italian summer style: 1) never wear flip flops unless youโ€™re at the beach or near water (a pool, for example). 2) booty shorts and a spaghetti. While there isnโ€™t a โ€œrome dress codeโ€, when visiting religious sites like the vatican please plan for modest clothing.