What To Wear To The Grand Canyon Summer

The temperature in the canyon can be surprisingly cool even in the summer (june, july and august) so dressing in layers will help you manage the change in temperature. Avoid prickly predicaments with these tips. Pack a pair just in case you accidently brush against a cactus. If you’re going to the grand canyon for a weekend trip and really commit to packing light and keeping things simple, you might get away with just a backpack with a decent. It can be hot during the day during the summer, but if you are going to be watching and sunrise or doing some stargazing at night, it can get cold. For trips during the day, you. The weather at the grand canyon has a wide range. In the winter months, the temperature can dip below freezing and have snowy conditions. The hot days of the summer. You're going to want a sun shirt that you really like because you'll be wearing it a lot.